Our Products

Bigfoot Moonshine is here. We have five flavors. They turned out great.  The flavors available right now are Blackberry, Cinnamon, Apple pie, peppermint and Moonshine flavor. Made from the best ingredients we can get.  They are all delicious and all made by hand one bottle at a time.
Handcrafted One Bottle At A time

Each bottle is hand crafted with care. We do things the old fashioned way, one bottle at a time. From making the mash and stirring by hand to putting the label on and boxing it up. All done by hand. Every step has to be monitored by a real person to ensure quality every time.

We think our rum is pretty special, we only use brand new oak barrels. Unlike a lot of others that use used barrels. You get all of the flavor out of the new barrels. The barrels we use are also a lot smaller than most distilleries use. This gives the rum a unique strong flavor all on its own. We like to let the rum rest in these oak barrels, this allows all of the ingredients to perfectly meld together. The aromas and flavors you get are out of this world.

We have our new Sassy Mermaid Spiced Rum in stock, She is so delicious and beautiful. Stock up for the holidays.